AJS Insurance Services is excited to offer a NEW A-rated workers compensation program for manufacturers.

April 2, 2018


Program highlights:
X-Mods from 1.25-3.00 preferred
Coverage in 48 states
$25K minimum premium for CA / $10K minimum premium for all other states
Payroll services must be included with the workers’ compensation coverage on a pay-as-you-go basis (some states/classes may qualify for PAYGO, no payroll services required)
Examples of Manufacturing Class Codes:
3041 Iron or Steel Fabrication Shop – Decorative or Artistic – Foundry & Drivers
3064 Sign MFG – Metal
3069 Sheet Metal Products
3076 Sheet Metal Products MFG – Shop Only
3113 Tool MFG NOC
3114 Tool MFG – Drop or Machine Forged NOC
3118 Saw MFG
3119 Needle MFG
3122 Cutlery MFG
3126 Tool MFG – AG-Construction-Logging
3131 Button or Fastener MFG
3132 Nut or Bolt MFG
3145 Screw MFG
3146 Hardware MFG
3169 Stove MFG
And more