Helping You Help Others

Male Veterinary Surgeon Examining Rescued Hedgehog In SurgeryYou’ve invested countless hours, dollars and resources into growing something that gives to the community.  You have people depending on you on all sides - employees, donors, board members, and to those your'e helping it’s even more important.  It might be for food, perhaps for safety, or maybe for the events that drive the dollars behind great causes.  Yet still, you’re at risk for a variety of unforeseen occurrences.  AJS Insurance Services has been working with Non-Profits and Not-For-Profits for 25 years, and we have the expertise to ask the right questions in order to determine what steps to take in order to protect you against the elements while you do great things.

Non-Profits and Not-For-Profits face their own risks as they go about their day to day business.  Outside of the normal protection measures such as Errors and Omissions, General Liability, and the like they need to think about things like Board Insurance, in case mistakes are made on the account of a principle or decision maker.    

At AJS Insurance Services, we’re huge believers in involvement with community.  Our principle is actively involved with his local community on a daily basis, and we believe that, in all aspects, it truly does “take a village.”  Let us help you by utilizing our in-depth experience in navigating the tricky waters of insurance.  We’ll take a close look at your business model and determine the perfect package to keep your business sound so that  you can continue doing the good work.