Innovation is the Key to Success

baby-boom-1240639The Technology sector is one of the most innovative and dynamic industries today, and we strive to be equally matched in our approach to their risk management and insurance placement.  AJS Insurance Services understands the risks faced by technology professionals every day, and we want to make sure our clients in the technology sector fully understand the different areas of exposure and the kinds of insurance protection available.  We work with our clients as active risk managers, analyzing their exposure and providing them with options and recommendations.

Technology businesses and industries require coverage in a wide variety of categories, such as Lost Data, Breach of Warranty, Cyber Liability, Errors and Omissions, General Liability, as well as the standard insurance coverages required of all businesses.  AJS Insurance Services stays up to date on the ever-changing field of Technology Insurance and we will take a close analysis of your needs to assemble an insurance package that suits your exact requirements.