Earthquake & Difference in Conditions

May 7, 2019


We are pleased to present our Difference in Conditions coverage for our client’s commercial and residential buildings. We have markets that can quote on admitted and non-admitted paper and have the capability of including Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage and Flood on certain buildings.

HighlightsBuilding Ordinance/ ICC/ Demolition Fixtures & Equipment/ Walls/ Walkways/ Fences Lowest Deductibles Low Minimum Premium   Highlights ContinuedEQ Deductible Buybacks Insurance to Value Loss Limit $50 Million PLUS Limits Available Combo All Risk & DIC Can Quote in Zones A&B
Target Classes
Manufacturers Mercantile Office Buildings High Value Dwellings HOA’s/Condo/Townhome Dwellings Older Buildings Lessors Risk Builders Risk And Many More!