Mexico Insurance Make Sure Your Trip Is Not Ruined

December 22, 2017


You should know:

  • US Insurance will not cover you in Mexico.
  • New Mexican Laws make limits of $300,000 (or more) imperative.
  • You cannot claim ignorance.

You should know:

  • Infinity offers Mexico Insurance through our partner NFP, one of the leading providers of Mexican Auto Insurance in the US. 
  • We can offer you multiple quotes from the following A rated insurance companies: GNP, El Aguila Seguros, and ABA Seguros.
  • We can bind and print, or email you customers the policy, in less than 10 minutes.
  • Real-time access to edits, endorsements, and cancellations.
  • NFP’s Dedicated Bilingual Staff is ready serve you at 1-844-567-3150.
  • We marketing materials and support.

Coverage Highlights

  • Ability to cover cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, motorhomes.
  • Liability limits of $500,000 for the price of $300,000.
  • Collision, rollover, glass breakage, fire coverage.
  • Both total and partial theft coverage.
  • GAP Coverage.
  • Fixed deductibles.
  • Labor rates for either US vehicle repair.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Medical assistance.

Where do I find Mexico Insurance?

    • Call us 310.204.1788 AJS Insurance Services