AJS Insurance Services offers new Stand-Alone Earthquake or Dwelling Fire Coverage

September 8, 2016

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New Dwelling Fire product 

effective September 5, 2016
  • Lower Rates
  • Higher Limits
  • Expanded Coverages (DP3 only)

 New Business Limits increased to $1,000,000 from $700,000

 Renewal Limits increased to $1,300,000 from $750,000

 Auto Discount o A 5% premium credit is available if you already have your auto policy with AJS Insurance Services

 Removed Plumbing Endorsements o No longer asking for type of plumbing, only the age of the plumbing

 150% Extended Replacement Cost (DP3 only) o 125% for 7% of base premium (was 8% of base premium) o 150% for 9% of base premium 

Limited Sewer or Drain Backup Coverage- Option to increase limits (DP3 only) o Up to $10,000 for $115 ($2,500 for $50, $5,000 for $85) 

Tar and gravel roofs are now acceptable, but subject to roof endorsement for Fire and Lightning Only  

Equipment Breakdown Coverage available (DP3 only) o $100,000 coverage for $32 to cover appliances ($500 deductible) 

Service Line Coverage available (DP3 only)  o $10,000 coverage for $23 to cover the underground service lines ($500 deductible)

Stand-Alone Earthquake changes 
effective September 5, 2016
    • ALL CA Zip Codes open, no restrictions at all 
    • Interior inspections will no longer be required. 
  • Stay tuned for additional changes coming soon

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