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June 28, 2017


Nutraceutical Product Coverage

Nutraceutical Products Liability insurance protects the manufacturer, distributor or seller of a product from liability resulting from a occurrence that caused injury or damage associated with the use of the product. Unfortunately, in many cases,…

June 5, 2017


Nonprofit Directors and Officers

We can get you a Directors and Officers quote for a nonprofit.  Just send us the following information. - Name - Physical address - Description of operations - Total annual revenue - Fund balance - Number of full…

March 31, 2017


Professional Liability Insurance

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Over 110 Classes Eligible Package with MPL, GL & Property on One Policy Claims Made & Reported Form Customizable Professional Services Description Compeitive Premium $0 Deductible Available Match Current Retro Dates Up to…

March 20, 2017


Amusement Centers and Theme Parks Insurance

Coverage Highlights Primary Limits up to $10,000,000 Excess Limits up to $10,000,000 Deductibles Starting at $1,000 New Ventures are OK Can Consider DIstressed Risks Occurrence Form Seperate Rates for Concession Stands/Games "Failure to Secure Signed…

March 16, 2017


Driverless Trucks and Insurance

Driverless Trucks and Insurance The trucking industry is ready for a change. Nearly 70% of the country’s freight is moved by truck, yet trucking companies can’t fill open positions fast enough to meet the demand.…