Announcing BHHC Pay-As-You-Go! Workers Compensation Insurance

August 18, 2016


Announcing BHHC Pay-As-You-Go!

BHHC National.082016

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies is pleased to announce a new billing product for Workers

Compensation policyholders: BHHC Pay-As-You-Go! With this automated billing option, policyholders

authorize their payroll vendor to provide BHHC with payroll reports each cycle; BHHC then adjusts and

collects premium based on each report via ACH/EFT. It’s that easy!

Please contact us for more information • [email protected]

No deposit premium!

• No deposit payment is required. Note that if payroll

vendor is ADP or Paychex, an annual reporting fee

is collected.

• Any applicable taxes and fees will be collected

upfront via ACH/EFT.

No more manual payroll reporting

• No need to log in each month to initiate a payment

or manually enter payroll.

Simple set-up process

• Fill out our eligibility and authorization forms,

register for the BHHC Policyholder Portal, and

provide your bank account information for a

recurring ACH/EFT transaction – that’s it!

Minimize surprises at final audit

• With an accurate, complete, and timely reporting

and billing schedule facilitated by BHHC

Pay-As-You-Go, final audit premium adjustments

can be mitigated.

• Policyholders with fluctuating payrolls can see an

improvement in cash flows since premium is

billed in real-time weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Easy renewal process

• No additional forms, paperwork, or authorizations

are required – unless there’s been a change in the

policyholder’s billing contact(s), or bank account

information, or payroll provider. If the

policyholder’s payroll provider is ADP or Paychex,

a $250 set-up fee will be applied at the start of

each policy term.