Are Past Years Workers Comp. Claims Driving Up Your X-MOD?

February 10, 2017


If older claims are still effecting your  X-MOD, you need to contact us, that’s our specialty!

Below are some of the steps we’ll take to remedy the issue—at no additional cost to you:

  1. Reduce your premium cost vs. the standard market on day one!
  2. Use our on-site risk manager to re-train the client on fraud prevention and hiring practices.
  3. Offer our in-house 24/7 RN claim reporting line and 72- hour nurse triage.
  4. Have our in-house claims adjusters/nurses offer our return to work program.

Some of our recent CA successes include:    

      Industry                                      MOD       Premium

  1. Trucking                                1.74          $197,110.00
  2. Commercial Plumber             2.01          $68,322.00
  3. Commercial Construction     1.41          $281,256.00
  4. Plastic Mfg.                           1.64          $321,500.00
  5. Vinyl Siding Co.                   2.70          $210,871.00

We make it easy!