Doors opening and closing in Los Angeles

July 21, 2016

community updates

It’s been a week of doors opening and closing — in a larger sense, but also in terms of the L.A. food scene. Kato, a new strip-mall tasting-menu restaurant, opened near Little Osaka; over in Hollywood, Curtis Stone’s new restaurant, Gwen, whose butcher shop opened two weeks ago, opened for tasting-menu dinners. There’s a new Taco Bell on the Vegas Strip coming soon, and beer-tasting rooms are opening in downtown Los Angeles.

And then there’s Salazar, a newish restaurant that’s the subject of Jonathan Gold’s new review, which doesn’t really have doors at all. So you sit under the sky and some trees and order Sonora-style barbecue, tacos and drinks while folks sip Micheladas in a giant patio. You’d think there would be lots of outdoor dining options in this town, but there aren’t. Maybe it’s one reason why we’re so fond of food trucks.