Environmental and Pollution Liability

July 29, 2016


AJS Insurance Services has recently been seeing more requests for environmental and pollution liability. Did you know that we have access to 15 “A” or better rated insurance markets for placing this type of coverage with minimum premiums starting at $2,500?

The AJS Insurance Services team can place over 100 classes of Environmental/Pollution risks. We have recently seen success with:
–  Environmental Contractors & Consultants
–  Environmental Site Pollution
–  Storage Tanks under 25 years old (Above Ground & Underground)
–  Storage Tanks over 25 years old (Above Ground & Underground)

Please reach out if you need a quote or feel free to send over any competitor quote to [email protected]

In addition to environmental coverage, AJS Insurance Services has over 65 markets for placing any professional liability risks. We have experience with coverages such as Allied Healthcare, Cyber Liability, Directors & Officers, and Errors & Omissions.