We Write Welders!

November 16, 2016

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Make AJS Insurance Services your go-to wholesaler for a wide variety of welding or cutting risks. We can offer quotes for a variety of classes to help you with your insurance needs. We can consider anything from small one man shops to tough product classes, commercial contractors and a wide assortment of Upstream (land based) Oil and Gas Servicing contractors. 

We are also a market for other kinds of metal work, including artistic or decorative, structural and non-structural metal erection, metal heat processing, metal scrap dealers and many more! 


  • General Contractors
  • Water, Sewer, Streaat and Road
  • Electricians, Plumbers, Pipe Fitters
  • Excavation, Grading, Cell Tower Erection

Oil and Gas:

  • Service Contractors, Pressure Washing, Lease Work
  • Painting and Sandblasting
  • Welding Contractors
  • Casing Contractors, Mud Logging, Compressor Repair

Target Classes


  • Heavy Equipment, Material Handling Equipment
  • Valves, Flanges, Pumps, Compressors
  • Trailers, Skids, Fabrication Shops

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